Climate Change

To mark the signing of the historic United Nations climate agreement in New York on 22 April 2016, IHE Delft has compiled a showcase of recent work. Our water experts support governments, cities, private sector organizations, development agencies, research and education institutes worldwide in tackling issues caused by climate change. Download our special issue on climate change and find selected references on this page.

Finding solutions through adaptation and mitigation

Given that almost all our activities relate in some way to climate change, whether addressing drought, flooding, erosion or other issues, we have selected only those that have climate change as their main focus. 

In the special issue to be downloaded from this page, we highlight some activities from our three main focus areas: Education, Research & Innovation and Capacity Development. In some cases, the work spans more than one of these areas.

As part of the UNESCO Water Family we are conscious of the pressing need to contribute to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

We have been working with governments for almost 60 years, addressing their varying needs for tackling climate change vulnerabilities in their country. If you are committed to addressing climate change risks by signing the COP21 Paris Agreement and you are now looking for a partner to help you achieve your goals, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Vanessa de Oliveira, Liaison Officer - International Relations at IHE Delft.

Selected references

Climate Change Impacts

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Climate Change Adaptation

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Climate Change Mitigation

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Project reports

Climate Change Driven Variations in Future Longshore Sediment Transport Rates along the Coast of Vietnam (2014). Project partners: AIT, IHE Delft. Download here. 

Climate Change Driven Variations in the Wave Climate along the Coast of Vietnam (2014). Project partners: AIT, IHE Delft. Download here.

Climate adaptation Colombia. Climate data scaling and analysis for the Magdalena basin. Project partners: FutureWater, IHE Delft, Deltares, SarVision, Waterschap Hunze en Aa’s, IDEAM, DNP, CorMagdalena (2014). Download here

Changes in the annual cycle of precipitation - an overview for Latin America and Mexico. Download here.

Approaches to risk assessment on Australian coasts. Download here.  


Video documentary of refresher course 'Integrated River Basin Management under Climate Change'.

BBC interview on the AXA Climate Change &Coastal Risk research program  

Links to educational programmes

Short course Integrated Water Resources Management as a Tool for Adaptation to Climate Change

Joint Master programme ‘Groundwater and Global Change’

PhD thesis


List of contributors to the IHE Delft special issue on climate change (in alphabetical order):

Dr. Leonardo Alfonso Segura, Senior Lecturer in Hydroinformatics

Janaka Bamunawala, PhD fellow

Dr. Gerald Corzo Perez, Lecturer and researcher in Hydroinformatics

Dr. Ali Dastgheib, Senior Lecturer in Port Development

Trang Minh Duong, PhD

Prof. Dr. Joyeeta Gupta, Professor of Law and Policy in Water Resources and Environment

Dr. Yong Jiang, Senior Lecturer in Water Resources Economics

Dr. Shreedhar Maskey, Associate Professor of Hydrology and Water Resources

Prof. Michael McClain, Professor of Ecohydrology

Seyedabdolhossein Mehvar, PhD fellow

Dr. Assela Pathirana, Associate Professor of Integrated Urban Water Cycle Management

Prof. Dr. Rosh Ranasinghe, Professor of Climate Change Impacts and Coastal Risk

Dr. Erik de Ruyter van Steveninck, Senior Lecturer Aquatic and Marine Ecology

Dr. Tibor Stigter, Senior Lecturer in Hydrogeology and Groundwater Resources

Dr. Zoran Vojinovic, Associate Professor of Urban Water Systems

Dr. Anna Wesselink, Postdoc researcher

Dr. Uta Wehn, Associate Professor of Water Innovation Studies

Learn more about our research theme on 'water-related hazards & climate change' and find out which chair groups are working on this theme. 


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