DUPC2: IHE Delft Partnership Programme for Water and Development

Working with partners in developing countries is a key approach for IHE Delft to help solve water and development challenges. We believe that bringing together knowledge and experience from different perspectives will help find local solutions and strengthen capacities. DUPC2 supports a large number of partnership activities on education and training and research and innovation. The programme also aims to create synergies and further collaboration between activities and partners. 

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Cali, Colombia

Gender mainstreaming in water: relfections from Cali, Colombia

Written by Tatiana Acevedo Guerrero , on 6 December 2018

The research teams of all DUPC2 projects taking place in Colombia met within the context of “AGUA 2018: Water, environmental justice, and peace”, a...

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Water Intelligence for a more sustainable use of a crucial resource

Written by Nadine Sander , on 27 September 2018

The Litani River rises from the fertile Bekaa Valley and empties into the Mediterranean Sea. The river is an important water resource in the South...

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Mozambique, Vietnam and China

Managing the invisible: Groundwater salinity in coastal areas

Written by Tibor Stigter , on 6 September 2018

Around 40% of the world’s population lives within 100 km of the coastline. With the numbers increasing rapidly, the pressure on coastal freshwater...

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About DUPC2

The goal of DUPC2 is to provide tangible contributions to solving water and development challenges in developing countries, by equipping and empowering people and organisations in partnership with partners from these countries. 

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