IHE Delft Water and Development Partnership Programme (DUPC)

Working with partners in the low- and middle-income countries is a key approach for IHE Delft to help solve water and development challenges. We believe that bringing together knowledge and experience from different perspectives will help find local solutions and strengthen capacities. The Water and Development Partnership Programme supports a large number of partnership activities on research, education and knowledge sharing and aims to create synergies and stimulate lasting collaborations between partners in inclusive ways. The Programme is funded by the DGIS, the development cooperation agency of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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Delft, The Netherlands

Diving Deep: a look at water conflict and policy

8 July 2022

No matter who you are or where in the world you come from, there is one thing that unites us all and makes us uniquely human: our need for clean...

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Delft, The Netherlands

Picturing hope in the Nile Basin

Written by Bhavna Bhasin , on 9 June 2022

The Nile River has been a source of many stories, some that have been amplified and others that did not make the headlines. InfoNile, a cross...

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Delft, The Netherlands

Iraq’s water challenges underline need for capacity, Water Resource Minister Al-Hamdani says

Written by Bhavna Bhasin , on 17 April 2022

Iraq needs to develop capacity so that it can handle water-related challenges arising from climate change and the absence of agreements with...

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Output. 2019 Water Resources Management and Framework of Analysis
Output. 2020 Making a wash bottle
Output. 2020 Private smallholder irrigation using sand river aquifers

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About the Programme

The Water and Development Partnership Programme has currently two funding phases running in parallel, DUPC2 (2016-2023) and DUPC3 (2021-2027). Within the general objectives of the programme, each phase has its own specific focus and targets.

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