DUPC2: IHE Delft Partnership Programme for Water and Development

Working with partners in the global South is a key approach for IHE Delft to help solve water and development challenges. We believe that bringing together knowledge and experience from different perspectives will help find local solutions and strengthen capacities. DUPC2 supports a large number of partnership activities on education and training and research and innovation. The programme also aims to create synergies and further collaboration between activities and partners. 

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Portable microwave-based treatment system for on-site faecal sludge treatment: a promising technology

Written by Yaman Attar and 1 other , on 28 April 2021

The Project: ‘Portable microwave-based treatment system for on-site faecal sludge treatment for the humanitarian and development WASH sector’...

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Perceptions of farmers towards Treated Sludge (Biosolids): Jordanian Badia case study

Written by Yaman Attar , on 7 April 2021

The application of treated biosolids in agriculture can be an effective measure to fertilize soil in farming communities around the globe....

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Water improves life - a photo exhibition

Written by Pooja Sadarangani and 1 other , on 30 March 2021

This photo exhibition illustrates one picture from a DUPC2 project on a weekly basis. It showcases each picture with a caption telling the story of...

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Report. 2019 Modelling the Allocation of Water for Food, Energy and Domestic Water Supply in a Closed or Closing River Basin Case study of Litani River – Lebanon
Books (chapters). 2019 Incorporating Resilience in a Dutch Water Utility: Exploring the translation of a 'magic concept' to everyday practices
Tools/models. 2019 Water use patterns, amount of water abstracted, crops grown, yields, marketing and sales garden monitoring tool

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About DUPC2

The goal of DUPC2 is to provide tangible contributions to solving water and development challenges in the global South, by equipping and empowering people and organisations in partnership with partners from these countries. 

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