Delft, the Netherlands, 21 Jul 2022

IHE Delft and FAO introduce new free online course on water accounting and auditing

IHE Delft and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) this month launched a free, self-paced Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on water accounting and auditing to strengthen local water management.

Course participants will learn how they can use water accounting analysis and water auditing to  improve decision-making around water management and water governance. The course was launched at the First Water Accounting Plus Symposium, held July 12-13 in Delft

“With climate change increasing pressure on water resources, local water professionals need tools to make sound decisions. This course highlights how water accounting and auditing can be used to support better water management locally,” said Marloes Mul, IHE Delft Associate Professor of Water Resources Management.

Water accounting is the systematic study of the status of, and trends in, water supply, demand, accessibility and use. Water auditing adds the broader context of governance, institutions, public and private expenditure, laws, and the wider political economy of water. The two approaches together support better governance and improved water resources management.

For whom?

The course suits a wide range of water professionals, including technical users and policy makers involved in water resources management and related fields. Participants can choose to take a technical track, a policy track, or both tracks.

About the course

The free course is offered in English and French. Starting 1 August, participants can enrol at any time and complete the course on their own schedule. A reliable internet connection is required. Participants who complete all assignments qualify for a certificate of completion More information is available here.


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