Delft, the Netherlands, 10 Jun 2022

IHE Delft launches new series of short courses

Starting in 2023, early and mid-career water professionals can take two to three week short courses at the IHE Delft Institute for Water Education to sharpen their knowledge and skills in topics related to current developments in the water sector.

The new offering of 17 courses will have start dates throughout the year and target anyone involved in water and sustainable development, for example scientists, engineers and policy-makers.

The courses address current issues in the water sector and focus on subjects ranging from water governance to engineering and hydroinformatics. Professor Charlotte de Fraiture, IHE Delft Vice Rector, said the courses were created with busy water professionals in mind.

“Taking time out for courses can be a challenge – this is why our new range of specialised short courses are designed to enable professionals to strengthen their skills in a very short time,” she said. “Though they last just a few weeks, the courses offer opportunities to learn and network that will benefit participants for years to come.”

The courses aim to attract a variety of participants in terms of background and nationality to enable peer-to-peer learning and networking in a diverse setting. Courses are open to individuals as well as small groups sent by companies and water sector organizations.

OKP and MSP Scholarship available

For most courses listed below, full Orange Knowledge (OKP) or MSP Scholarships are available for mid-career professionals from over 50 countries. If you are eligible, consider to apply. For all courses with a start date between between 20 February until 26 July 2023, the scholarship deadline is 11 October 2022.

Start with selecting a short course and submit your application for admission at IHE Delft by 25 September 2022 the latest, next step is to apply for either OKP or MSP.

Courses and start dates

The new courses and start dates are:

*) OKP/MSP Scholarships available, apply by 25 September 2022

More information

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