Delft, the Netherlands, 13 Jan 2021

IHE Delft launches series of online courses on humanitarian WASH

IHE Delft and UNICEF as Lead of the Global WASH Cluster, in cooperation with the Humanitarian Sector, aim to extend the provision of humanitarian WASH education by creating a Graduate Professional Diploma Programme (GPDP) at IHE Delft.

The GPDP consists of four accredited online modules that are structured in a modular and flexible way, so that a wider variety of participants can engage in it, including by opting for one module as a short, autonomous course.

The themes, topics and duration of these four modules have been elaborated in a consultation process with UNICEF, IHE Delft and the main humanitarian actors who are part of the steering committee of the project.

As part of this organizational cooperation for capacity development of the Humanitarian sector, it is planned that the delivery of these four modules will be extended and integrated into various academic institutions in the Global South.

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