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  • 05 Nov 2020

    Opening of the Academic Year 2020

    On 4 November the Academic Year of 2020 – 2022 was officially opened, for the first time, online....

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  • 03 Nov 2020

    Joint Appeal for Open Science

    Exactly one week ago, a Joint Appeal for Open Science was made by the Director-General of UNESCO in...

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  • 02 Nov 2020

    World Cities Day: Enabling Action At Local Scale To Accelerate Uptake Of Blue-Green Infrastructure

    World Cities Day (31 October) promotes global interest & international cooperation to address...

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  • 28 Oct 2020

    Estimating domestic self-supply groundwater use in urban continental Africa

    IHE Delft alumnus Rafael Chavez, Hans van der Kwast, Jan Willem Foppen and co-authors from other...

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  • 27 Oct 2020

    Copernicus Barcelona Hackathon - IHE Delft teams awarded 2nd and 3rd place

    The Copernicus Hackathon Programme, financed by the European Commission, brings together developers...

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