Research Themes

The 6 research themes of IHE Delft are listed below. Find out more about related publications, projects and staff expertise by clicking on a particular theme.

Safe Drinking Water & Sanitation

Increasing access to safe, sufficient and affordable water for people to meet basic needs for drinking, sanitation and hygiene, to safeguard health and well-being, and to fulfill basic human rights.

Water-Related Hazards & Climate Change

Water-related hazards like floods, droughts, pollution and related issues, are increasing in frequency and intensity around the globe due to population growth and effects of climate change.

Water & Ecosystems Quality

Aquatic ecosystems as service providers for environmental and human well-being, development, and water integrity.

Water Management & Governance

Social, biophysical and technological processes of water systems are intrinsically linked. Only by understanding the complexity of water systems and develop innovative ways of governing and managing water in sustainable ways.

Water, Food & Energy Security

Better management of water for food and energy security, in a sustainable and equitable way, in synergy with natural ecosystems and compatible with the respective socio-economic context.

Information & Knowledge Systems

Managing the information cycle of data acquisition, modelling, forecasting, optimisation and knowledge management supporting decisions related to water.


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