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Read stories about the impact of IHE Delft alumni in the water sector and beyond. 

Iraq’s water challenges underline need for capacity, Water Resource Minister Madhi Rashid says

Iraq needs to develop capacity so that it can handle water-related challenges arising from climate change and the absence of agreements with upstream countries, Iraqi Water Resource Minister Mahdi Rashid Al-Hamdani said during a visit this week to IHE Delft – his alma mater.  Read more here


My first academic paper

Patrick Ronoh obtained his MSc diploma in 2019 after completing the one year sanitation programme at IHE Delft. He is from Kenya where he started to work as Project officer: Sanitation and Hygiene at World Vision Kenya after his studies. He just published his first academic paper that is the result of his MSc thesis for which he was awarded 'The Best MSc in Sanitation Award 2019.' Read more here

When education, partners and research combine

At IHE Delft, our mission is to strengthen capacity in the water sector and support sustainable development through aligned educational programmes, institutional partnerships, and research, addressing pressing development challenges. Professor Michael McClain shares a story on IHE Delft's impact, when he ran into seven alumni working at partner institutions in the Mara River Basin. Read more here.

Turning up the voice of youth

Tatiana dos Santos Silva is a co-founder of the non-governmental organization FA.VELA, that leads resilience and entrepreneurship projects in low income communities in Brazil. She is an alumna from IHE Delft who draws on her entrepreneurial career, her work with vulnerable Brazilian youth and her role at Water Youth Network. 

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How to solve the waste menace in Kenya

When Kevin Mureithi and Hope Mwanake started collecting trash in their home town of Gilgil, Kenya, they had no idea that it would change their lives for good. They joined forces to run a community based organization known as Trace Kenya Group, that collected trash from households.

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Building capacity in Small Island Developing States (SIDS)

Small Islands Developing States (SIDS) are a distinct group of countries that share similar sustainable development challenges. Such challenges include growing populations, susceptibility to natural disasters and fragile environments. SIDS countries are also more increasingly suffering from water related issues mostly due to climate change, with some islands even facing disappearance because of sea level rise.

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Alumni award winner 2017 Arie Setiadi Moerwanto about his career

The 2017 IHE Delft Alumni Award has been presented to Dr. Arie Setiadi Moerwanto. Currently the Director General of Highway Engineering at the Ministry of Public Works and Housing in Indonesia, he is the first alumnus from Asia to receive this award. Dr. Moerwanto started his career with the Ministry of Public Works and Housing in Indonesia in 1986. Since then he has held numerous influential positions at the Ministry that demonstrate a record of professionalism, ingenuity and a commitment to progress for his country.

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Levelling the playing field for IWRM

WaterNet is a Southern African network of university departments, research and training institutes designed to build capacity in Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM). Born of a consortium which included IHE Delft, WaterNet is currently formally recognized by the 15 Heads of State of the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) as its subsidiary institution for capacity development for water resources management. To date, almost 500 students (42% women) and around 50 PhDs have graduated from the WaterNet programme, with 95% of alumni currently working in Southern and East Africa.

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Drought forecasting in Africa

Drought is considered a natural hazard with a very large impact on people and the environment and is one of the largest water related disasters in Africa. For the DEWFORA project which was completed last year, IHE Delft as part of a large consortium developed a framework for monitoring, predicting, timely warning and responding to droughts applicable within the institutional context of African countries. Micha Werner, Associate Professor of Hydraulic Engineering, Shreedhar Maskey, Associate Professor of Hydrology and Water Resources and IHE Delft alumna Patricia Trambauer elaborate on the ins and outs of drought forecasting in Africa.

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From unlivable to livable: improving the urban environment of Asian cities

The first phase of the MARE Asia project has concluded and phase two is about to begin. ‘Learning and action alliances’ have been set up in three cities in Indonesia in order to reach the goal of improving overall livability for people in cities by getting to understand urban water cycle challenges and going for ‘city-greening’. MARE Asia falls under the CDTA Green Cities programme of the Asian Development Bank. Assela Pathirana, Associate Professor of Integrated Urban Water Cycle Management at IHE Delft and project leader of MARE Asia shares his experiences.

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