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The mission of the alumni groups is to enable alumni all over the world to build personal networks and share knowledge, ideas and experience with fellow alumni.

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IHE Delft alumni perform a vital role as "ambassadors" to the world. The establishment and strengthening of the IHE Delft Alumni Network is essential to promoting and facilitating knowledge dissemination, including the exchange of professional expertise and personal experience between alma mater as well as amongst Alumni. These independent Associations organize various activities in their country.

Prospective candidates are suggested to contact the local Alumni Group before they leave their own countries. IHE Delft fervently encourages all its Alumni to partake in the Institute's aim to deepen and strengthen Alumni networking world-wide.

In case you would like to start an IHE Delft Alumni Group please contact us.

Alumni coordinators

IHE Delft Alumni coordinators in the world, are alumni who are willing to actively collaborate with IHE Delft in strengthen the role of IHE Delft alumni in different countries, to reinforce the professional link among them and to collaborate with the Institute and their countries, looking for new opportunities to develop.

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Social Media Groups

A great means to stay in touch with IHE Delft and with fellow alumni worldwide is through social media platforms. As an alumna/us you can join these groups.

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NL alumni network

The NL alumni network is a platform for NL alumni, students, interns and Netherlands alumni associations, as well as Dutch education institutions, embassies and organisations. The network is active online with a digital platform, and offline with events and activities that are organised in The Netherlands and worldwide by Nuffic, its NESO offices, local Netherlands alumni associations and other partners, such as embassies. Read more:

Netherlands education support office (NESO)

Nuffic Neso Offices are Nuffic Netherlands Education Support Offices, our overseas offices. Their main tasks are the generic promotion of Dutch higher education and the enhancement of cooperation between higher education institutions in the Netherlands and institutions in the Neso regions. One of their core activities are Holland alumni activities. In order to coordinate the alumni activities as much as possible, each Neso office has an alumni officer.

Read more about the Nuffic Neso Offices on the Nuffic website or

Netherlands Alumni Association (NAA)

A Netherlands Alumni Association (NAA) organizes all kind of professional and social activities and is, because of own experiences, a very good source of information and practical advice for those who envisage to take courses in the Netherlands. On the other hand you are encouraged to join an NAA when you are back home again.

To check if your country has a Netherlands Alumni Association use the following link:


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