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The most obvious and tangible effect of our education activity are our alumni. Our cultural ambassador, Gil Garcetti, was commissioned by IHE Delft, to visit Kenya, Bangladesh and Colombia to meet with these alumni and capture in photography the impact that their work is having on their community and their country. We hope you enjoy this glimpse into the working lives of some of our alumni, who are building on their IHE Delft educational experience to improve people´s lives in relation to water.


Download the full booklet on the right side. At this page you can read three stories from the booklet.


Ms Sarwat Jahan Rumi and Mr Saiful Alam

Rumi: “Being a water professional in a water dependent country, Bangladesh, I feel proud, content and satisfied when I found that the solutions provided through my work proved useful at the grass root level. My contribution does not only take my country ahead, it also brings confidence in me. Such achievement is possible due to combination of advancement of information technology in the water sector of Bangladesh and knowledge, skill, expertise that I obtained from IHE Delft which has sowed the seed in me to move forward.”

Saiful: “In my work as a planner I am exposed to the potential threats of land use changes as a result of continuing urbanization and industrialization and, I must say, it concerns me. It is on one hand depleting the wetlands and increasing risks of flooding, also endangering ecosystems where poor people will be affected. Water resources planning now needs close integration with the changing land use pattern.”


Mr Diego Restrepo Zambrano

“I have built on my civil engineering background, by adding the new skills gained at IHE Delft in hydroinformatics modelling along with an understanding of the socio-economic issues related to flooding and water management. This rounded, integrated approach enables me to lead, organize and develop water related projects, such as the ones my company is working on, and other projects I’m working as a consultant, taking all the elements into account, not just the engineering aspects. It’s great to see the tangible results, employment for many Colombians, protection of our environment, the people and a contribution to the local economy.”


Ms Jully Seema Senteu

“I am a chemical engineer with a passion for the environment. I have extensive experience in both fundamental research and applied sciences with a focus on waste remediation. My life’s mission is to leverage my technical knowledge and experiences to contribute to the sustainable advancement of the communities I work with. Conservation and preservation of aquatic systems is close to my heart. With rainwater harvesting currently accounting for less than 1% of the water supply in East Africa, it is crucial that we protect our ground and surface water reserves. We must ensure that waste generation, treatment and recycling is adequately handled to prevent pollution and protect ecosystem health and integrity for future generations.

During my free time, I mentor Maasai girls through the Osiligi Lolmarei organization that I co-founded in 2010. The objective of this organization is to inspire the girl child from this minority and historically marginalized community in Africa to pursue academic excellence"

About Gil Garcetti

Gil Garcetti loved photography from the moment he was given a camera for his 13th birthday. He became a professional photographer when he left his job as District Attorney of Los Angeles in 2000. He focused on art photography, and has published a number of books, including Water is Key: A Better Future for Africa (Balcony Press 2007).

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