Information & Knowledge Systems

This theme addresses the flow of information and the generation of knowledge related to the dynamics of water in the real world, through the integration of information and communication technologies for data acquisition, modeling, forecasting, optimization and decision support, thus leading to hydroinformatics systems.

Knowledge transfer

This integration is paralleled by the ongoing concern to enhance the corresponding knowledge base through research, and the effective sharing and transfer of knowledge.

Water management is impossible without sufficient knowledge about natural and societal systems and forecasting of their future states. This has to be supported by means of scenario analysis and contemporary computer-based systems supporting, data acquisition, modeling, forecasting, optimisation, decision support and knowledge management tools (often referred to as hydroinformatics systems).

We strongly believe in the importance of eliminating the still existing “technological apartheid” that is characterized by the lack in developing countries to suitable tools and technologies supporting water management. Information and communication technologies make it possible to introduce such tools to public and private sector organizations. These tools enormously enhance the ability of water professionals and make them really effective “agents of change”.

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