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A Wakeup Call from the Drip Dream

Written by: Margreet Zwarteveen and 1 other

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Networking on the Nile

Written by: Jan Luijendijk and 1 other

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IHE Delft strives to strengthen the programmes of universities and research institutes as well as the knowledge and capacity base of ministries and other water sector organizations in Africa, South-America and Asia/Pacific. We do this by training water professionals on-the-job, creating water education networks, joint research, policy advice, distance & e-learning, participation in innovative projects and facilitating knowledge sharing.

Research paper: Wehn et al. (2015) Strengthening Water Governance in the Global South: Role and International Experiences of IHE Delft in Capacity Development, Water Governance, 5, 26-34. 

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Delft, The Netherlands

IHE Delft honours Prof. Álvaro Carmo Vaz with 2019 Alumni Award

18 October 2019

The IHE Delft Alumni Award for 2019 has been awarded to Dr. Alvaro Carmo Vaz from Mozambique. He came to Delft to study hydraulic engineering,...

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Open source mapping tools prepare new generation of water managers

Written by Hans van der Kwast, on 22 October 2019

Traditionally the water sector uses a lot of commercial software with expensive licenses for hydrological models and analysis of spatial data....

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‘Bone-dry’ sand river of vital importance to Zimbabwean farmers

Written by Annelieke Duker, on 11 September 2019

In a seemingly bone-dry area of Zimbabwe, farmers still manage to find water. They’ve found a unique water source in meters thick sand layers....

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