IHE Delft's staff members are committed to bring water education, research and capacity development to a higher level. Together with its motivated PhD fellows, Alumni, Students and Partners IHE Delft forms a strong knowledge network of water sector experts.

Staff in focus

Ewout Heeringa

Contract Management Coordinator

Ewout Heeringa joined IHE Delft in 2011 and he has had several positions at IHE Delft to date. Ewout started first at the Social Cultural Office where he was mainly involved with Student Affairs, which he enjoyed a lot. He was engaged in organizing social events with participants from all over the world. Following this, Ewout worked as Purchasing Officer where he was more involved with making travel arrangements for all staff as well as negotiating contracts on behalf of the Institute. This year Ewout secured a new position as Contract Management Coordinator in the Liaison Office. Ewout hopes to see IHE Delft continue to grow and achieve its goals.

Ewout Heeringa

Jack van de Vossenberg

Senior Lecturer in Microbiology

Jack van de Vossenberg was working as a researcher on microbiology in wastewater, drinking water and the environment, before he started working at IHE Delft in 2013. He enjoys doing research and teaching and IHE Delft has given him the opportunity to work in both fields. Jack is very passionate about microbiology and believes that the Institute is a great place to share knowledge. He is involved in several projects abroad, mainly in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East. The projects are concerned with research and capacity building. Jack is excited about the drive and enthusiasm of both staff and students in the Institute. He enjoys working in an international environment.

Jack van de Vossenberg


PhD Fellows in focus

Mario Castro Gama

PhD fellow

Mario Castro Gama is from Colombia. He has obtained his Bachelor degree in Civil engineering from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia (Bogota) in 2003. In 2010, Mario decided to continue his studies by doing a Master degree in the joint programme Water Science Engineering - Hydroinformatics at UNIVALLE (Cali, Colombia) & IHE Delft, obtaining his degree in 2012. That same year, Mario started his PhD research. The topic is Multi-objective optimization for improved energy efficiency and pressure management in large water distribution networks. Mario was also part of the EU-FP7 project ICeWater which funded his research. The project used wireless sensors of various types to provide real-time monitoring of water supply, demand and pressures in the systems of Milan (Italy) and Timisoara (Romania). Mario has been working as a part time Lecturer for Civil Engineering at The Hague University of Applied Sciences, and will be visiting professor at the University of Cassino (Italy) this year. Mario believes that the Institute offers new opportunities every day and is an eye opener to discover new cultures and share experiences with people from all over the world.

Mario Castro Gama

Meseret Teweldebriha

PhD fellow

Meseret Dawit is from Ethiopia. In 2011, she obtained her Bachelor degree in Soil and Water Engineering and Management from the Haramaya University in Ethiopia. After that, Meseret started to work as an assistant lecturer at the Haramaya University, in the Department of Hydraulics and Water Resources Engineering. In 2012, Meseret decided to continue her studies at IHE Delft. She obtained her Master degree in Water Science Engineering, specialized in Hydraulic Engineering Land and Water Development. Her Master dissertation thesis was about ‘’ Optimizing intensified Runoff from roads for supplemental Irrigation” in the region Tigray, Ethiopia. In 2016, Meseret started her PhD journey. Her PhD research is on the dynamics of lake and groundwater interaction. Meseret believes that IHE Delft is a boundless Institute which offers great opportunities on the educational level as well as the cultural. Meseret about the Institute: “The Institute offers high-quality education in the field of water education and is also a great place to meet students and professionals from all over the globe.’’

Meseret Teweldebrihan

PHD Fellows


IHE Delft has provided post-graduate education to more than 14,500 water professionals from over 160 countries. They form the Institute’s alumni community, the largest global network of water professionals in the world. They are acquiring key positions, supporting the implementation of the global water agenda and improving the quality of life of their communities every day.

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Our students do not only study and share water-related knowledge, but also get to broaden their perspective on the wonders of each others' cultures, religions and beliefs.

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