IHE Delft's staff members are committed to bring water education, research and capacity development to a higher level. Together with its motivated PhD candidates, Alumni, Students and Partners, IHE Delft forms a strong knowledge network of water sector experts.

Staff in focus

Tibor Stigter

Associate Professor of Hydrogeology and Groundwater Resources

Tibor joined IHE Delft in 2013 as senior lecturer and researcher in groundwater resources assessment, and was promoted to Associate Professor in 2020. Before joining IHE Delft, Tibor worked 16 years as a researcher in groundwater hydrology, interactions with surface water and contamination in Portugal. “Upon leaving Portugal I promised my colleagues that we would continue working together. And we do: in 2014 IHE Delft, University of Lisbon and Dresden University of Technology launched the Joint Master Programme in Groundwater and Global Change. Coordinating this European Union-funded programme has been a highlight, with great students and alumni spread over the globe,” he says. “What I enjoy most at IHE Delft is the environment and the close relationships we build with colleagues, PhD and MSc students from diverse backgrounds, and how we all share the passion for our work. I have worked in great projects and environments, and highlights include Colombia and Mozambique and the yearly recurring fieldwork with the students in France.” Tibor hopes that IHE Delft will continue strengthening its research and educational programme around groundwater: “The importance of groundwater in our changing world will continue to grow. We need to invest so much more in building knowledge and technical skills in this field,” he says.

Tibor Stigter

Conny Hoek

Receptionist/Administrative Assistant

Conny joined IHE Delft in 2010 as front office employee, a position she still loves. She likes the direct and personal contact with employees and students. She considers the arrival of new students a particular highlight: “You can see the excitement on their faces and I like to listen to their stories about their background and culture. For some of the students it is their first time in a foreign country, which makes the first contact very special,’’ she said. Conny also likes graduation day, when some students wear traditional clothes and introduce their family members to her. Other events she likes are the introduction days, during which she helps ensure students have a good experience while visiting the dune area at Meijendel, and the Christmas dinner. She feels appreciated by staff, students and family members. ‘’I like the international and relaxed atmosphere. Also, we are located in the beautiful city of Delft,’’ she said. Looking ahead, Conny hopes IHE Delft students and colleagues will continue to research solutions to the international water challenges the world is facing, and that IHE Delft remains an important water institute that attracts and connects water professionals from all over the world.

Conny Hoek - Gielesen


PhD Candidates in focus

Henry Amorocho Daza

PhD candidate

Henry Amorocho Daza, from Colombia, explores the interlinkages between water resources, human development and sustainability. ‘’IHE Delft is a global hub for water research. Diversity is beyond expected,” he said, adding that its common to interact with young water professionals from five continents at the Institute. They bring “every expertise needed to help to solve world’s water crises,’’ he said. His own focus is the complex nexus that connects the water, energy, food, and ecosystems sectors (WEFE nexus). “I am developing a framework that includes stakeholder participation and computer simulation tools to support better-informed and more robust policy decisions,” he said. Henry’s work is part of the EU-funded NEXOGENESIS project. Once finished with his PhD, Henry plans to continue bringing science and policy together by collaborating in either research institutions or international organisations that connect the two fields to make a positive impact in society.

Henry Daniel Amorocho Daza

Bota Sharipova

PhD candidate

Bota Sharipova is a researcher from Kazakhstan. She is researching the role of trust in transboundary water cooperation and conflict. She wants to understand how trust which emerges between individuals can also influence cooperation between states with conflicting interests on shared rivers. Bota is passionate about this topic and wants to open a new path for future research in the field of affective factors of transboundary cooperation. She also is involved in teaching and implementing projects on water diplomacy. ‘’I enjoy being part of IHE Delft because it challenges me in a positive way. I learn to accommodate different worldviews and beliefs, and I practice working with experts with different backgrounds. Around me, I see passionate water professionals who love what they do – this unique IHE Delft vibe motivates me every day.”

Bota Sharipova

PHD Candidates


IHE Delft has provided post-graduate education to more than 23,000 water professionals from over 190 countries. They form the Institute’s alumni community, the largest global network of water professionals in the world. They are acquiring key positions, supporting the implementation of the global water agenda and improving the quality of life of their communities every day.

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Our students do not only study and share water-related knowledge, but also get to broaden their perspective on the wonders of each others' cultures, religions and beliefs.

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